Fun & Interesting Seafood Facts That You Should Know

Facts on facts on facts on facts, that’s all we have for the seafood crowd who’s interested in learning more about a food that so many crave. What can you learn about seafood reading this article? There is but one way to learn and that is to continue reading below.

Crabby Matters

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Did you know that blue crabs will mater only one time in their life? They can still spawn, however. These creatures are some of the most diverse of any creature! The meat is also high in vitamin B12 and many other vitamins and minerals. Eat up!

A tuna can weigh up to 300-pounds. Could you picture encountering that whopper of a creature in the sea? The Ahi is the largest tuna species of all and has been spotted at a weight of 377 lbs.

Are Fish Silent?

You might think that a fish is silent since it doesn’t have vocal cords, but that just isn’t true. Fish use many different techniques to create sounds. They use various body parts to create the various sounds that allow them to communicate with others that are in the sea.

U.S. Dept. of Health recommendations

You want to follow the recommendations of the people who know best. The U.S. Department of Health recommends that everyone eat at least two servings of fish or seafood each week. Now there is even more reason to prepare a great seafood meal or go out to eat.

Go Out to Eat

There are some pretty awesome seafood restaurants in Plano that you should make yourself a patron of sooner than later. Whether you want to feast upon seafood for lunch or dinner, for an everyday encounter or a special event, you can find what you’re looking for in Plano! Why not make tonight a seafood night when so many awesome choices are out there?