Things to Think About When Ordering A Specialty Cake

People may order specially made cakes for many diverse reasons. This may include birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, retirements, weddings, bachelor(ette) parties, or something else entirely. Often, people go to order a cake without any idea of what they are really looking for. The bakery you choose for specialty cakes Chicago IL, however, will need to know a few specific details – even when they are granted some freedom in the result.

With this in mind, we created a short list of things you should think about when ordering a specialty cake. Write these things down before you call to hire a bakery to make the process smoother on both parties involved.

1: What size cake do you need?

The size of the cake will be largely dependent on (A) how many people you need to feed, and (B) what options the bakery offers. If you have an estimated number of people, the bakery can tell you what your best choice is.

2: Do you want a filling, and if so, what type?

Not everyone wants a filling, and the types offered vary so you may want to choose a backup filling also. Popular options include ganache, chocolate, raspberry, and strawberry.

3: What type of frosting and cake would like?

This is what you probably already know the answer to. Do you want a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, or vice versa? Would you like red velvet, German chocolate, or rum cake? If you’re looking for a very special type of cake (such as tres leche, for example) you may want to call a few bakeries in advance to see who offers it.

4: What décor would you like on your cake?

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You may have a very specific answer to this question, or a vague idea that the bakery can use to create a custom design just for you. Most bakeries are fine with either.